‘Arita Porcelain Today’ opens at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

2016.05.10 news

The exhibition ‘Arita Porcelain Today’ shows selected items from the new 2016/ collections alongside objects from the Rijksmuseum’s permanent collection of Aritaware. Shown side by side and in contrast to one another, the exhibition seeks to demonstrate how Aritaware has developed to cater to people’s needs in different times throughout history. Adapting and evolving to accomodate the requirements and fashions of the times and pushing forward to regenerate and innovate has helped this industry endure for 400 years. Although produced in different times and in different conditions, the exhibition illustrates the constant high levels of technical expertise that are typical of Arita porcelain. ‘Arita Porcelain Today’ brings to light the continual efforts of the Arita potters to sustain their industry, the past 2 years dedicated to the 2016/ collections being only the most recent of which.


Arita Porcelain Today is being exhibited at the Rijksmuseum’s Asian Pavillion until October 9, 2016.


Arita Porcelain Today

till 9 October



Rijksmuseum Asian pavilion

Museumstraat 1 1071 XX

Amsterdam The Netherlands