Kubota Minoru Ceramics & BIG-GAME

BIG-GAME’s porcelain collection, produced by Kubota Minoru Ceramics, makes good use of the most advanced high-tech materials and processes available in Arita. Two materials have been used; one that is porous and can be used to filter liquids and a second that is highly heat-resistant. BIG-GAME have designed a practical coffee set that puts the exceptional porous porcelain to practical use. Specifically, the set makes drip coffee, which is very popular in Japan. The coffee is filtered through the porous porcelain, giving the coffee an improved smooth taste.


A second series of objects includes a porcelain kettle and cooking pots. These are made using the heat-resistant porcelain and, as such, can be used directly on top of a stove, in the oven or the microwave. The handles of the vessels are insulating so it is possible to hold them comfortably even when they contain boiling water. The elementary, geometric shaped objects are produced using state-of-the-art production technology and a special glaze was developed using the particular skills of the pottery.