Fujimaki Seitou & Christien Meindertsma

In the 16th century Dutch traders made so-called ‘hofreizen’ – long trips by boat and foot – to visit the Shoguns of Japan. They would bring Dutch linen with them as a special gift and would return to The Netherlands with prized porcelain objects. Arita porcelain and Dutch table linen are often depicted being used together in paintings from this time. Christien Meindertsma has used this unlikely partnership as her inspiration. She has used linen cloth to model the shapes of cups, plates and bowls that were subsequently translated into porcelain.


As an evolution of her collection Meindertsma has worked with Fujimaki Seitou pottery to invent a special glaze that incorporates waste porcelain material gathered from each of the other 2016/ Arita Standard Collections. The flecked glaze is a celebration of the coming together of the Arita potteries and is suitably colourful and ‘confetti-like’.