New Address Japan

Saga Prefecture has aspirations for Arita to become a craftsmanship hub, at-tracting international creatives in the near future. The plan is to establish an active space for creative exchange that offers workshops, exhibitions, lectures and an ‘in-residence’ programme for local and international artists and designers.


Between June and November 2016 the first in-residence participants will begin work in Arita. Two groups of artists and designers from the Nether-lands will begin their stay in Arita where they will be producing works in col-laboration with the local potteries. The Saga Ceramics Research Laboratory will give further support to visiting artists and designers; it boasts a highly equipped centre that can offer technical support of truly international quality.


The Creative Platform will build on the opportunities initiated by the 2016/ project. The Platform will continue to forge international links, to further en-courage collaboration between design and craftsmanship. Once established, this will act as the focal point for more activities that support exploration, communication and collaboration in the context of porcelain manufacture in Arita.